Welcome to VSF Germany's anonymous reporting hotline

VSF Germany's is committed to a culture of zero tolerance towards corruption and irregular behaviour, including sexual exploitation and discrimination. 

You can help us to achieve this. Use this channel to report alleged irregularities and unethical conduct when normal channels have proven ineffective or not practical. Whistleblowers are the most effective weapon against any form of corruption and irregular behaviour. Your knowledge prevents harm and protects this organization. 

You do not have to be a VSF Germany employee to use this hotline. This channel is available to anyone affected by a decision taken by our organization. 

The hotline operates 24/7/365 and is run by an independent, third-party provider. It is designed to protect your confidentiality and anonimity. After sending a tip via hotline, do not forget to write down the passwort allowing you access to an encrypted inbox dedicated to your case. 

Last but not least: VSF Germany's prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports a possible violation in good faith. 

How our whistleblower system protects you:

  • No identifying information was sent to the processor.
  • It is not technically possible to track the message back to you as the person providing the information.
  • Nemexis functions like a secure mailbox that is accessible from two sides.
  • Secure end-to-end encryption of all data including metadata.